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Did you know?

Many schools today suffer from an invisible problem, poor acoustics!

Think about your own school just take a minute, can you think of one room that you find it hard to hear in or concentrate. Can your students hear you in that room?

If you can you are not alone, thousands of Schools, Nurseries, Colleges & Universities both old and new all suffer from poor acoustics in the classrooms, corridors, Dining Hall, and meeting areas. 

What do we mean by Poor Acoustics?

In any given space when we generate sound either a musical instrument, chairs scraping on the floor or a Teacher beginning their lesson the sound we produce travels throughout the room. 

It continues to travel until it hits something, if its a hard surface like a wall or a window, the sound energy is bounced back and can be scattered into many directions creating a reflection of sound or reverberation. The level of reverberation is dependant on how many hard surfaces you have compared with soft absorbent surfaces, the noise level being generated and the size of the room.

So if you can think again about the one room or space in your school does it seem to have a high ceiling or has the carpet been recently removed and replaced with a hard floor type?

So why is it a problem?

Staring to realise the issues you have everyday with being heard or students not able to concentrate is the first step in exploring a solution. Unwanted background noise is not something you should have to accept and try to cope with on a daily basis when teaching or studying.

At RG Sound Solutions we have over 20 years of experience in working with schools and finding the right approach in dealing with poor acoustics, speech intelligibility has to be one of the critical factors when we are teaching our children if it's hard for them to discriminate speech how much of the lesson is being missed.

We have a range of Acoustic solutions which offer you different outcomes depending on the situation, utilising both ceilings and walls, our soft panel systems can also become your notice boards, these can be stapled or pined  without damaging the surface, they can be cut to any size or shape and can also be custom printed. A huge range of colours and fixing methods add to the products flexibility in working with your classroom to enhance not only the overall noise levels but provide a visual impact.

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Acoustic design of schools: performance standards 

Building bulletin 93

Key points 

The overall objective of the performance standards is to ensure that the design and construction of school buildings provide acoustic conditions that enable effective teaching and learning. 

There are guidelines set out by the government under BB93 


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